Thursday, April 2, 2009

We only have so much time to give.

My monday was pretty blue.
I was in a panic.

The song, "Good Enough" by Sarah McLachlan was in my head.
I felt sooo undeserving of his adoration.

But he met me at Starbucks.
I'm glad he did.
I saw this book as we were on our way to sit outside.
It caught my eye with it's beautiful, simple cover.

I opened this charming little book and rushed to the counter and bought it right then. I don't know why, but I immediately knew it would speak something to me. To us.

I read it to him, out loud, outside...
feeling a little silly at first, holding it out to the side like a school teacher.
and then i had to fight tears and the sound of my shaky voice.
I couldn't look at him because I knew that I would cry if i did.

"The fable revolves around a boy named Charlie, who, not content with his life, decides to pack up time — "big, bulky decades, squishy years, mushy months and raggedy days" — in a suitcase and leave home in search of something perfect to spend it on. He has to travel the world to discover that happiness is right in front of him."

*the illustrations were done by his brother. They
have a pretty cool story on how their story got


Belen said...

I work at Starbucks and I remember seeing that book the shelves but I kept forgetting to buy it. I read the beginning of it on my break. It's a very cute book.

Micaela said...

Belen too bad you don't work at the Starbucks here, I'd come chit chat with you on your breaks all the time :) ha (does that sound gigi-ish? [hope you've seen "He's just not that into you"])

i loooved that book.
so simple, and sweet.
and the day i wrote that post...
was exactly what i needed.

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