Tuesday, April 21, 2009

dallas, until we meet again... yours truly, micaela xo

This weekend i had TONS of fun out by Lake Grapevine and in Addison with the birthday girl, the beautiful model friend of mine, Nakita. I mean look at her!!!

there was some drinking involved... ;)
non-stop partying as soon as we got there at 8pm.
Nakita was my older sister's best friend in high school. I can remember her coming over when I was in 2nd grade. Who would have thought that she would fly down from Washington to spend her birthday weekend with me years later? :) it's because we're family.

I adore her and her friends!!!!
Washington/NYC here we come!!!

1 comment:

The Socialite said...

This looks like such a fun weekend! My fave picture is the last one of course! I love your darling friend's face! hehe. ;)

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