Friday, April 17, 2009

my weekend.

Another quiet evening this friday for me BECAUSE...
tomorrow, I'm heading to the big City again... Dallas-Ft. Worth!!! yay!

I'm going to get dressed up, or as my niece Marina would say, I'm going to get "fancy"

To attend my dearest and oldest friend Nagita's Birthday bash out at Lake Grapvine.

We can not wait to take off tomorrow and make a great escape! even if it's only for the night... sigh.

HAPPY FRIDAY Lovies!!! enjoy your weekend and we'll discuss Monday!

xo yours, Micaela

*stockings here.


The Socialite said...

wow. That is a REAL party! lol Your niece is so cute - reminds me of the book "Fancy Nancy" - have you read it? Your niece would love it! :)

Have a wonderful weekend & Take pics!


IT is a huge island...almost a continent!!! Have a blast beautiful & do share pics I hope...

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