Monday, April 6, 2009

The grass is always greener.

Saw this on Double Takes, and agreed, there's something very sad, but awfully cute about this sketch.

For me, it's MONDAY today :P
and i totally forgot about a credit card payment so there goes $140 in FEES ALONE.
it's sick.
really sick.

not to mention i spent too much on drinking this weekend...
enough. I need to be done with that. more later.

Lovies, I hope you woke up on the better side of the bed :)
This is who i woke up next to this morning...

ya, she was fake sleeping too!!! oh, how i lover her!!! and all of you! xo

ps. speaking of my little maverick, my Dallas Mavericks REALLY did wow against the Suns yesterday. I was sooo excited! WAY TO GO JASON KIDD!!!!


Ethan said...

Genevieve is going downtown to go hang out with Mark Cuban and Shaquille O' Neil!

Nicole Marie said...

so cute!! i love waking up to next to massimo and his tails started to wag and he gets up to give me kisses. so cute!

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