Thursday, April 16, 2009

I dream of Italia...

After a lovely lunch at our Gidgets (our fave sandwich shop downtown), me and Max decided to make an impromptu visit over to a charming antique store in the world's littlest skyskraper. (It's true, my town has it-- take a look! kinda interesting).

We came across this and I was in awe. He loved it too.

It was beautiful art right in front of me. When we saw the price, we couldn't believe what a steal! $25. Framed and everything. It could pass as Spain or Mexico [if you look closely, a man has a hat on that looks like these countries] but to me- it reminds me of Italy. I walked across and daydreamed of the boy i fell in love with the summer i was 19 on a very bridge just like that in Florence. It feels like a lifetime ago.

In this life, my Darling Friend hung it up for me at Casa di M and it's perfect. Just like our lunch was, just like this beautiful piece of art we both were thrilled to find!

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hippie soul said...

I have still NEVER been in the littlest skyscraper...

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