Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

As you know, I work in PR and I had no idea people actually celebrated the holiday formally known as Secretary's Day. This morning, my brother Marco texted me to wish me that, along with Earth Day.

When I got to work, I had flowers delivered as a joke (but sweet joke) from my sweet friends-orchestrated by my BFF Maria. One time when me, Maria, and Erik were walking around the lake, Erik was asking me what I did. Maria said, "You're a secretary" and I tried telling her that I did more than that but she goes, "Do you answer phones?" ha. She was joking but I got offended :)

So today, they surprised me with flowers as a peace offering and to make my day. :) My boss was like, "You aren't a secretary!" still, maybe my boss felt bad she didn't get me anything because she came back from lunch with a notebook pad with my initial. :) I felt LOVED today.

IT TOTALLY CAUGHT ME OFF-GUARD!!! REALLY! which was the best! I have honestly never been surprised, but I was surprised nicely today. The best feeling!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day
+ Earth Day to you all lovies!!! xo

1 comment:

The Socialite said...

How sweet! You have such loving friends/co-workers!

"Happy Secretary's Day!" haha. ;)

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