Wednesday, September 23, 2009

come inside, have a cup of tea.

i miss the old casa di M.
mainly, i miss not having Max in it.

but i wanted to share my little space with you...

here's the doorway & kitchen area/counter that looks into the living room. [i have never been able to keep a plant. I'm taking care of this one my Momma gave me. i have a thing for mirrors] :

The dining area. My gf Steph donated a dining table to us. Can you spot my painting bought from Katy? i still love it!!! and my new love, my winning Chalkboard!!! Which is already written on, thank-you Brooke of Playing Grown Up. {psst, she has her own etsy store if you wanna grab one for your casa! i highly recommend it}

spots in the living room: i miss our old mantle. But since I'm going to be living with another roommate, understandably, i had to rearrange.

my bedroom, where the magic does NOT happen... not anymore anyway. Darling Friend, i miss sleeping next to you!!!!

my twinkie was making fun of me that i just nail pictures up randomly. I have no thought out process. It just goes up there. I think i did okay?

closer ups of each side of the bed:

you can see a little of maverick's pink bed.

the red teddy bear was hand-made by this woman i once interviewed back in my reporting days. she makes them for area children homes. very sweet lady. she also made me a little quilt that goes with it on the chair. The chair belonged to my friend Erik's grandmother. I thought he was crazy to want to throw it away.

the bathroom in my room: the peeing man scored at an antique store with katy and max.

now randoms:

each one is in my bedroom except the bottom left (that's the doorway- i have a thing for door knobs. reminds me of alice and wonderland).

The first one is a print of a card twinkie was given a long time ago in junior high from her first "boyfriend." Travis was really shy, so this card was perfect.

A mexican-inspired tray i bought at a vintage store and yes... those are what you think they are when you look at the wooden squares. Me & Max were at a bookstore and an erotic memory game was on clearance. I saw art.

The carnival mirror on the bottom was made by the artistic aunt of my ex, joel.

thank-you so much for visiting lovies!

please visit again soon?

Dear Darling Friend,

while you've been away, i've learned to properly use the twist tie for the bread. You'd be so proud. But I forget when to take out the trash, because you always did that for us. (It's friday also, right?) Watching tv shows is not the same without you. In fact, i can't watch The Golden Girls just yet... yup, it's that bad. I miss you. Maverick does too. We've bonded more though, which i know is hard to believe since we were already close. I'm proud of her, for slowly adjusting. She sleeps on the bed with me....i know. I'm sorry, but it's more for me than her. We'll have to break her of that again once our family is back together.

i'm trying to cook. i'm trying to budget. i have plans to work out more. i'm reading more and underlining passages to share with you.

luff you,

Chunga xo

ps. what do you think of our house's new girly re-do? kinda weird huh? i thought so, too. Le sigh. I still need to move a book shelf in, and on top of it is where our pictures will go.


Marisa said...

um - "i have a thing for mirrors"

M- I have aproximately 10 mirrors (all shapes and sizes) in my house! i sooo have a thing for mirrors...
i too always randomly hang. DH gets so mad at me for not measuring. i just hammer, hang and if i dont like... repeat process LOL
i love your new girlie Casa... it will be so fun to have a roomate for the next few months. Less lonely.

Love the chalkboard. I ordered one right after you won, and i found her site. just came yesterday. not the same as yours but equally as adorable. will send pics.

ps message to DF - just sweet

Micaela said...

M, i think we were room mates in another life, and seriously, we had THE most fabulous house ever! :)

yes, please do send pics soon of your chalkboard! I'm glad you have one as well. And how cute are her necklaces?

btw- did you see the "Hi M" that i wrote on my board? lol that was for you!

DF is prob. going to be embarrassed i mentioned (out loud) that we love the Golden Girls. Seriously, i wanna live with them.

The Socialite said...

Ooh so I've been searching everyone for decorating inspiration! Love your little home! I love all the different pieces and colors. Very warm and original!

Any helpful websites for me?!

p.s. did you get my email?!

Brooke Premo said...

Micaela, you are so sweet, I'm so glad you like your chalkboard! You house looks so cute.

Marisa said...

i saw the note... i feel so special!

Love Golden Girls (rose has me peeing my pants somedays) however, i think it would be a cold day in ... before DH would watch. Seinfeld is the one we watch together! although it is kind of annoying because he can recite all the monologue.


Micaela said...

M, we LOVE seinfeld. You know he visited our little TX town, and i was so upset i wasn't able to go because i worked at the station then.

Vanessa, i did, i did! thank you! Sorry it's taken me awhile... in the process of moving (as you now know!) i don't have the internet set up at home just yet. I only do it while at work (shhh... lol) so on my to-do list is to get back to you asap. Do you have old issues of Domino mag? i always loved looking at that for ideas. Most of my things are thrift finds and antique stores.

I loved that you picked up on the diff colors/pieces! have you decided a theme or anything? is there something you collect? (like twinkie's house is ALL london stuff). Let me know!!!

Brooke, THANK-YOU!!!!

Marisa said...

ps i love the other chalkboard too?
where did you get that?

Micaela said...

M- on the way to pick up my puppy, we stopped inside a little antique store in a even smaller TX town. I saw it off to the side and picked it up. i swear, i never had any furniture (i still don't really!) but i always pick up "kitsch" knick knacks :) thanks love!

missy. said...

I love your house! It's beautiful.

Max said...

"Picture it....Sicily. 1934. The whole down was out for the fall festival and.."


"Back in St. Olaf, Gustav Svegenhauffer, the town's greatest dairy breeder had a serious problem..."

I am a dork. I miss you, the place never looked better!


Marisa said...

Max----- LOL

Annie said...

your place is so adorable and unique just like you! i love it!!

Courtney said...

La la love your house! And I adore the way you hang pictures...I would have never guessed you just randomly put them up! Looks like there was a thought process behind it! Is that pink mirror the pink mirror you told me you found a while back? I LOVE it!

Micaela said...

yes Courtney! it is :) my pink mirror i HAD to have.

i have more art that needs framing still... M this includes like all of my olivia jeffries. I love her stuff!!!

AWW, THX loves for your sweet sweet comments. If you're ever in Texas, come stay with me.

Bali Beach Bunny said...

i love everything
but especially the chalkboard
you live in style girl

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