Tuesday, September 1, 2009

500 Days of Summer: I ABSOLUTELY loved it. *no spoilers, promise.

i was in need of a movie date. This one finally came to my small Texas town.

I loved it.

I thought it was brilliant. Absolutely a fresh of air, of love's reality. Darling Friend said Zooey Deschanel's character reminded him of me. Max laughed and touched me when she declared Ringo as her favorite Beatle. He's always been mine, and Max couldn't understand just the same.

{i get it, i get now why she's every blogger's girl crush... i told Max i was going to wear ribbons in my hair to which he says, "you don't now?" i love my boy.}

and Joseph Gorden-Levitt, how cute are you?
(M, don't you love him?)

i had an ah-ha moment watching this relationship on screen. I won't say much for those of you who haven't seen it, but simple lines said in this movie made all the sense in the world to me.

i loved the movie. completely.

expectations vs. reality? LE LOVE.

"It's love, it's not Santa Claus."

dear darling friend,

thank-you for taking me.
you are my bd. {our secret nickname}
sorry we got into a silly fight
when you came and picked me up
after work. i pouted,
and i'm sorry. and please
don't be mad
that i shopped in my friend erin's closet.*
just so you know... i bought winter clothes
because i hear it can get cold in Virginia.
just so you know...

i love you, you know.

xo micaela

*lovies, I LOVE the heels i got! i finally felt like carrie tonight. Girls, pics SOON!


Stephanie Belen said...

girrrrl, did you not read my blog post about how much i love this man? hahaha.

joseph gordon-levitt.. yum.. he looks like kyle "crotch rocket man" costello. *sigh* imagine gordon-levitt walking in EVERYDAY with sexy bike boots and a helmet... oh yeah, that's what belen drooled over his past month!

Micaela said...

OMG BELEN HOW COULD I HAVE FORGOTTEN?! horrible friend i am, OF COURSE i remember you talking about crotch rocket man looking like him! DUH!

ugh, forgive me cos that is a big mishap on my part! lol yes yes i remember!!! understand the drooling now!
girrrrl, how could i have been so silly to forget!? ;)

blue dress- you BETTER have bought one! lol i want to see it again- i told J and my twinkie i would go watch with them again. lol you're just like me :)

i heart you! now forgive me for being a horrible friend. duuuuuuuuuh. :)

Jayne said...


also - YESYESYES Joseph Gordon-Levitt is all kinds of yummy.

Geisslein said...

Lovely post...as always! Creative cute girl you are ;o)

Anonymous said...

"i bought winter clothes
because i hear it can get cold in Virginia."

what a sweet apology, darling M.

i absolutely can not wait to see this movie... why am i always behind?

joseph gordon-levitt, yes, yes
how adorable is he... i have liked him since 10 things i hate about u

zoey - i never understood what all the fuss was about her either until i saw her on my fav late night Craig F, she is just lovely.

"i was going to wear ribbons in my hair to which he says, "you don't now?" WHAT A DOLL, your Max!

belen - u crack me up...

CC. said...

so i went in wanting to love 500 days but it didnt do it for me. it was disappointing. i loved watching zoey, seeing her outfits and thought her acting was good but i didnt like the story and thought it was rather pointless and depressing. :( the soundtrack was great and they were so cute while together. maybe thats just it, im such a idealist and wanted so bad for it to workout.

i want to go see julia julia--have you seen that?

Micaela said...

CC, i had heard mixed reviews on this movie so i went thinking i WOULD be disappointed... but I LOVED it! i loved it for the reasons you hated it lol because it was life. And not the usual "movie happy ending."

and love is never pointless, even when it hurts and doesn't work out. I liked how they went back and forth in days because i think it would have not been as effective or it would have been boring.

I want to see julia julia too so if you've seen it, let me know what you think. I love amy adams (you should see "sunshine cleaning"- it just came out on DVD. i loved it!!!)

M- i remembered you loved him and i felt bad about belen. haha she cracks me up too :)

Jayne, post coming up soon!!!

Geisslein, your sunny comments always make me happy! kisses to you in Germany.

missy. said...

i heard this movie was excellent. i still need to go see it! i love her and she's one of my all time fav actresses. fabulous! glad you enjoyed it lady!

CC. said...

thanks for ur darlin response. youre so incredibly thoughtful in responding all the time. thanks!

Being Brazen said...

I can not wait to see this movie!

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