Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a new kind of newness.

i came home not feeling very good.
i asked darling friend to lay down with me.
he brought me water and medicine.
he rubbed my back.

when i woke up from my little nap, he made me tomato rice soup and {two} grilled cheeses for dunking.

laying down on our couch, i realized this is what love is. I have been in love before. I'm not going to say this is the first time i've been in love. But this is the first time I've felt safe. That next to him, i just know everything will be okay. I don't know if it's a feeling of protection when i say i feel "safe" - though of course that has something to do with it. {like last night when we were already in bed almost asleep and one of our doggie babies started barking like she heard something, he did get up to investigate}

i feel safe as in he feels like home to me.

he takes care of me, and i want to take care of him.
he (my sweet smiling boy below) fills me with happiness... and i kinda like him. *wink


Jayne said...

Oh, I love how in love you are. :D I hope to feel exactly how you described about someone someday. <3333333

Krissa said...

Oh I love it!!! sounds like and totally reminds me of that song "Feels Like Home"

Stephanie Belen said...

I want something like this oh-so desparately. You'll know what I mean when I send you my card. :)

Stephanie Belen said...

This picture reminds me of you and your Darling Friend:

Being Brazen said...

Aww, that is so great. Love is fabulous!

Geisslein said...

Such cute and lovely are such a cute girl and you surely are worth it, that he is so good to you as he are!
Wish you a wonderful day today!

Anonymous said...

very beautifully said...
i know this well and Max is so lucky to have you!

Anonymous said...

p.s. how adorable is he?

Meg Fee said...

is there anything better than that?!

Micaela said...

Jayne, oh you will! trust me, i've had to kiss a lot of frogs to get to this happiness. :)

Krissa, LOVE that song.

Belen, I couldn't see the picture. :( forward it to me in an email? can't wait to get your card sweet girl.

M and Meg, finally finally finally. You know the long road i've stumbled.

Lo said...

I know we've blogged about this/discussed it before but it fits. And i'm divinely happy for you!!

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride;
so I love you because I know no other way

than this: where I does not exist, nor you,
so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

That is a love I want someday. And I'm glad you've found yours :)

Kaylen said...

Yay! Love the way you phrased this. I know how you feel - even though I've been in love before, it's real this time.

Yay for love!

missy. said...

aww that is so cute. i miss that sometimes. i tagged you love!! enjoy!!

The Socialite said...

Awe...that's how love is suppose to really feel. Very serene, peaceful and safe....with a side of grill cheese. ;)

J. said...

I love that you have this love :) You deserve it, my darling!

Gabby said...

Sigh. I want that!

I hope you're feeling better, dollface!

Micaela said...

"with a side of grilled cheese"-- Vanessa I LOVED that!!!

i forever want love with a side of grilled cheese. xo

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