Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Roadtrip: 16 hours of love.

monday, sept. 7th, 2009

Darling Friend got his Master of Science in Meteorology from Florida State University. Since we first met, he has always wanted to take me to an FSU game. Always. He bought our tickets on a whim and drove us (without stopping for the night) 16 hours. I don't know how he did it. My wonderful bf got us to tallahassee safely, so we could see his alma mater (GO SEMINOLES!) take on their rivalry Miami. Oh it was a close one!!!! a great game to see live (thx for rooting them on M!!!) and a sweet get-away with my love. I am a believer now, there are no fans like college football fans.

they had an air force flyover at the start of the game which was incredibly touching. Remember the remains discovered last month, belonging to the first American casualty of the Gulf War? Scott Speicher was his name, and he was an alumnus. It was such an incredible moment.

i loved getting decked out in garnet and gold, cheering on the Noles!!!
esp. with my favorite seminole...

on the way home, we had a sleepover at a hotel/casino in Shreveport on the Louisiana Boardwalk. It was a teeny vegas, and though we did not get lucky on a few minutes spent at the slots... i felt lucky in so many other ways.

i love you bf!!! thanks for an amazing trip, an amazing labor day weekend.

you are my favorite date always.

"F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E, florida state! florida state! florida state! whoooo!"


Krissa said...

I love the looks like you guys had so much fun!!!!
You guys are such a cute it!

Jayne said...

Ah, looks like you both had a great time! :) P.S. You guys look absolutely adorbs in that first photo. Teehee!

Marisa said...

the pictures are the best! Husband loved them too... I completely agree "there are no fans like college football" when you see it live it is the most amazing experience.
Airforce fly over... that would have choked me up, stuff like that always does.
How cute are you getting all decked out in the gear... DF must have been so happy!

DF said...

i have never enjoyed my noles losing a game that much, ha ha.

i am glad i got to share that experience with you! some things you cant explain in words. well, YOU might could....

love you and love your eye black. its not as cute on the football players.


missy. said...

it looks like you had so much fun. i am way jealous. you and darling friend a peeerfect together.


So FUN!!!
Love the quality of the photographs darling...So artistic!...must take lessons from you!
Tell me what's your camera? email me okie=

Thank you! kiss-kiss**

Belen said...

"i make max look like a ghost" - i laughed so hard because it's what we filipino's unintentionally do. :D sometimes, the bes pren looks at a picture of us and she says, "ugh i'm so white!" and my response is, "no, i'm just too dark!"

you guys are adorable. i love the picture of you and your reflection. it's like something out of a movie. :) and your close up! i never recognized your beauty mark! i LOVE beauty marks! a lot of my friends think "moles" are weird, but i think they (well some) are so gorgeous. (CRM had a constellation across his least what little i saw of it. sigh.. lol)

and max IS a winner! he's got YOU! :D

take care, love dove!

Annie said...

what a fun and perfect trip!
you are a doll!!
such cute pictures little one :)
you TWO are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!

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