Friday, September 4, 2009

i love my family.

i had the most amazing lunch with my amazing family.

we met at little seester's favorite bbq place downtown and had the biggest laughs (at the expense of twinkie- lol she's the easiest to "pick" on *wink. she's so sweet though, and it's all in good fun!)

there was even a family group hug afterwards when we were saying bye.

did i mention i have the most amazing family?

My Mom just sent us this picture to let us know that my oldest brother & older sister sent flowers to Maddie (little seester... confused yet? i know, there's a lot of us in my family) as condolences for little mooshie.

the best family ever.


missy. said...

oh so sweet. i love when family gets together. its the best!

Marisa said...

what a sweet image that is ~ family group hug.

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