Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pay It Forward

Everyone wants to make another smile right?

Niki from Snip, Click, Scribble, Ink does. She wrote this post here, and it made me sad that she felt no one cared. So I joined her Pay It Forward challenge.

Read the rules here, and let me know if you want to Pay It Forward.

and just so you know... I don't know how to sew! So the 3 people who comment will get a gift of my favorite things.


Marisa said...

of course.. i love this kind of stuff

Micaela said...

Yay M!!! i really felt horrible that no one had responded to her post.

you are already about paying it forward. Your starbucks buying not too long ago really touched my heart.

you take beautiful photographs anyone would love to have a print of.

Lo said...

i want to play! i'll have to have ANOTHER refresher on the rules and specifics but I'm in!!

Micaela said...

i know it's a bit confusing LO! no worries.

okay it works like this:

i am sending you and M something, and i have the next 365 days to do it-- that way when you do get it, it will be a total surprise. It's supposed to be something i've made- but you know i can't sew (so we sooo need to take those sewing classes!). Then, you are supposed to post this on your blog, and do the same for the first 3 people to comment you...

and it should continue. Like a Pay It Forward chain letter. does that make sense??? lol

you could make AWESOME drawings with cute quotes that go perfectly. that would be lovely from you!

kaileenelise said...

ok-this sounds like fun. i'm in. i think i understand the rules :) xo, kaileenelise

Micaela said...

yay, my 3!!! so glad to Pay It Forward to you girls. :)

Kaileen, whenever you get the chance, send me your address to my email:

and someday soon i will surprise your inbox :)

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