Friday, September 25, 2009

oh i expect hugs!!!!

my sweet katy bird sent me an e-card for "Hug A Vegetarian Day!" isn't that funny? i smiled.

i've been a vegetarian since high school... but don't worry, i won't go all PETA on you. *wink
my veggie tray pressie

Today, hug any vegetarians you know. (i wish you could hug me! I believe hugs can change your day).
I told Max i expected a card....

& Lo wants to go to Sala Deli for a lunch date,
in celebration of my day.
How sweet is she?

i love my gfs!!! & tonight we're having a scary movie slumber party! sleeping bags, pajamas- us sisters sprawled in their living room.

i love our sister dates.
update: here's a couple of pics of my sister girls

& Hug a Vegetarian Day!


Polly R said...

This post made me happy! But also jealous... I want a scary movie sleepover!
I just made my little brother hug me because I'm a veggie too :)

Annie said...


have a great weekend!

Kenna Christensen said...

what would we do in a life without out girlfriends!!??? i hope you had so much fun!!!!

Belen said...

ah! my BP is a veggie babe! :) cute cute cute and i'll definitely do this! i'm going to steal this pic and post it! :))))

hugs and hugs to you love!
belen ♥

Geisslein said...

Such girl-parties are such a beautiful idea! You are such a cute, lovely and beautiful girl and your lovely comments at my blog are always so sweet, you often brighten my day! Just wanna thank you and give you a BIG HUG!

Saltina said...

Darn I missed this day. Next year I will demand hugs. In the mean time Belated hugs to you fellow veggie!

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