Thursday, September 17, 2009

"wino forever"

i love nothing more than a good glass of wine.
it's always my comfort and my celebration.

speaking of celebration... Gabby of the seriously awesome blog "gabby, she wrote" is celebrating her blog's 1st birthday by having a Barefoot Wine & Bubbly giveaway!

isn't that just like her- FABULOUS?

even though i do so hope to win, i hope you enter (and wish gabby a happy blog birthday!). A girl can never have too many bottles of wine...


missy. said...

Who doesn't love a good glass of wine. mmmm :)

Marisa said...

so excited for this...
... you do now though that I AM going to win. LOL

ps mailing you something today... should i send to diff address?

Gabby said...

Thanks for this, sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

tis true lovers make grape lovers xoxox

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