Friday, September 4, 2009

happy labor day weekend. xo

what are your 3-day weekend plans?
me and the darling friend are embarking on another road trip!!!

Max went to grad school at Florida State University and has always wanted to take me to an FSU game. He loves college football. LOVES it.

and on Labor Day, FSU is playing their rivalry Miami. Since we got our tickets late, we are driving the 16 hours to Florida. I know, i know.... 16 HOURS is a long time for a quick getaway (i'll be back at work thurs) but it's worth it to be decked out in Seminole wear, next to the boy i love. it's worth it, to finally experience a college game together, and there's something romantic to me that it's his alma mater.

16 hours in the car, i'm already prepared:
  • work lent me the office portable DVD player
  • influx of cds, so when max is tired i can sing him (very badly) some MJ
  • my blackberry synced to my email & fb + calls to twinkie
  • trip to the library to rent an audio book or two.

have a wonderful, wonderful labor day weekend! you deserve this break. I'll miss you til Tuesday (when i get back). miss me too, k? xo

ps. i am a girl who usually works more than one job at one time, so i don't always get labor day weekend off, and if that's you this year- trust me, I know how it is! hang in there. You'll get your day off on another monday while the rest of us are stuck at our desks.


The Socialite said...

How fun! Have a loooovely time! Can't wait for some more road trip stories and pictures! :)))

Goooo FSU! (what's their mascot? lol)

Mike has to work Labor day, so not much of a big weekend for us! :( So have extra fun for me in mind!!


missy. said...

aw! how fun! i am jealous, no lie. we might head up to this place a few hours away called lava hot springs and just camp and play! :) should be a blast. i'll be sure to let you know how it goes! be safe and have fun!!

Jayne said...

Have tons of fun, lady friend! I expect to hear all about your adventures!

Geisslein said...

This picture is tooo great! LOVE it! gives me such a peaceful feeling! Wish you a really great weekend with lot of hugs and kisses, cute girl!

mina said...

ahhh - the joys of being unemployed - every day is a weekend... but it's nice to have an extra day with Alex as he hasn't left his job yet (...and of course, my days are filled with house showings and cleaning - no fun!) Hope you're having a fabulous weekend ... and I'll always remember that you were our first follower!

You Are My Fave said...

Road trips and college football are the best! Have fun.

Jackie said...

BEAUTIFUL photo. Cannot wait to read tales from the trip!

Micaela said...

Vanessa, they are the seminoles :) my (much smaller college) were the indians and then had to change over to the mustangs for contraversial reasons. LOL i was the first graduating class as a Mustang in 2006, so it was good to be an indian again! :) Sorry your FINACEE (are you used to it?!) had to work- i know how that is too, trust me. I'm sure you made up for it when he came home ;) ahhh you guys are ROOM MATES! sooo excited still for that!

Missy, camping at lava hot springs?! I'M JEALOUS! can't wait to read about it and i haven't forgotten about the tag. yay!!!

Mina, that's so sweet of you :) yes, i have followed you two since day 1. I am glad to be part of your journey.

Melanie, you said it best: road trips and college football IS best. bonus, if you're with your love.

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