Tuesday, September 29, 2009

remember my case of the mondays? THIS changed everything.

i'm still not sure what's wrong with my car, and that was bothering me yesterday. I just felt overwhelmed. And without Max here to help me or comfort me (though he later did through email/text), i felt really lost. How is it that Marisa is ALWAYS there for me without even realizing it? meaning to? Remember this post?

it's really magical, our friendship. That sounds silly, but i don't know how else to describe it other than a magical blessing.

On my serious case of the monday blues, look what came in all the way from North Dakota?

a beautiful piece of art that matches my decor. It is GORGEOUS. And it's special. In the Austen styled card, M told me her father picked up one for her when he was in Venice from a street artist (which we just love all the more) and it has since been one of her favorite pieces. She said she had to get one for me. I love it!!! and if that thoughtfulness wasn't enough, she included a book that describes the bond we share. Each word touched my heart.

It was perfect.

and as you can clearly see, M, you made me silly happy!

(me decked out in my Dallas Cowboys jersey)

ps. this will show you how close me and Marisa are... She knows I love all things Italia, but how did she know that her gift would be perfect inside my little home? this below is what you would mainly see in my living room. It's Venice at sunrise.

Venice has a space in my heart. I went to Italy the summer i was 19. I fell in love with the city and it's charming narrow walkways and hidden shops. I told myself i would never come back, unless it was with someone i loved, to share it with. Venice has a space in my heart... and so does my M.

THANK-YOU marisa for making my Monday all the better. For being my friend when I've needed one the most. I don't know that many people who have a friendship like ours. Like you, it's a gem.

i can not tell you enough how much i adore this woman's friendship... so, I'll borrow a few more words from the book she gave me to try:

"We carry each other like

the wind carries the wing

it is effortless weight."

love you M xoxo


Max said...

"Come on baby, kick those daisies!"

those are some shorty shorts there..just saying.

nifer said...

Gorgeous! I would love those pieces of art for my house!


Belen said...

you two make me happy. ♥ really happy. :)

belen ♥

Marisa said...

i am so glad it fits with your decor... i was pretty sure it would. thers are few things more romantic then a street artist in Venice.. maybe we will get our DF's to take us on a trip...

M- your friendship is a treasured gift!

ps how adorable are you in the cowboys gear.

Micaela said...

Belen, you make US smile :)

btw- I LOOOOVE your pic!!!! i've been meaning to tell you that.

M, yes! they must take us on a trip :) and again, thank-you!!! x10

Nifer, it's really beautiful in person. just gorgeous.

Geisslein said...

you 2 girls are sooo cute! it´s time to go to bed in my side of the world - hope your day is a very beautiful one!

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