Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my new favorite photo editing tool.


You can create the polaroid look with your pictures... you know, until polaroid comes back.

(thanks Par Moi, i think you've changed my life introducing me to the site. j'adore your trendy blog)


Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE that pic of you and darling friend... (i may steal it for my private collection) polaroid makes everything warmer...

CC. said...

so cute and so glad you found my bestie. isn't she the bomb diggity? yay!

Darling Friend said...

that's cool!

i like the fake coffee stain too!

can it fix my hair though? ha

missy. said...

ah so cute! thanks for sharing.

The Socialite said...

Very cute! Such a lovely pic of you two! Those are some really great smiles!

Micaela said...

M, you are so cute!!! I have to do the fake polaroid because i was clever enough to stock up like you :)

CC, YES! of course your bestie is just as fabulous as you!!! i found her thru your sunshin' lovin :) so i owe you thanks!!!

Max, no "i love you's?" we already had this conversation >:)

Vanessa, you are forever sweet.

Missy, of course!!!

Stephanie Belen said...

marisa - "polaroid makes everything warmer." mmm, that's so true and i feel nostalgia running through me. sometimes i feel like my childhood was just yesterday, but then i realize i'm 20 and getting farther away from being 5. it's kinda crazy.

omg i just rambled, haha.

darling friend -"can it fix my hair?" LOL i wish photo editting were that simple. otherwise i could dress like a bum, take pictures, and then glam myself up without ever really trying! :D

micaela - ((((uses rollip like a maniac))) hahaha.

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