Friday, September 18, 2009

oh weekend, so glad to see you.

it's a HAPPY FRIDAY indeed!!!

i was a little tired this morning, because i stayed over with twinkie last night. I was sleeping in the guest room, promising her i was fine. A little while later, she opens my door and says she wants to stay with me just because. My sweet seester. Of course this means we stayed up til just about 3 a.m. laughing and chatting about people we knew and what they were doing now.

i love our twinkie chats.

i'm leaving work early, because we're off to Dallas to see Britney Spears in concert tonight!!! yes, it's the 2nd time we will be seeing her CIRCUS tour- but Miss B is her absolute girl crush. We are going with 3 other girls and making a weekend in the City i love. Enjoy your weekends lovies!!! and thank-you sooooo much for being my friend, especially on this week when i needed a friend most.

ps. Darling Friend started his new job today! i wish him all the luck in the world!!!! {not that you need it bd!}

image via restart my heart


Geisslein said...

Lucky you that you have your twin sister...sounds soooooo nice what you tell us about your time together! Wish you a great time with your girls with a lot of fun and a LOT OF laughter! big hug and nighty night from germany, geisslein

missy. said...

Have fun tonight lady, you need it!

Annie said...

sisters are the ABSOLUTE best!!

i hope you have a fabulous weekend in the city and seeing the BRIT BRIT concert :) i'm totally jealous, i heart brit...big time.

yay for your d.f. starting the new job! pray that you are holding up okay sweet little miss....xo


I adore twins!!
Have a jolly good time beautiful!

Niki said...

Pst- for you:

Hope you enjoyed the weekend break!

Marisa said...

staying up late talking and being silly is the best thing for the soul...

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