Thursday, September 24, 2009

i love movie dates with my girls.

i love movie dates with my gfs. It's almost as good as a happy hour. Me + Twinkie with our sister friends Lauren + Mehle, and Stephanie.

uh-huh, that's my Lo of "Life is short//Love is forever."

My cutie patootie.

we went and saw "Love Happens" with my girlfriend Jennifer Aniston.

it was a long big cry movie, but i do so love my gf still (who's character was named Eloise- love it- and owned her own flower shop). It made me want to live in Seattle. I have never been, but i've always said i wanted to live there. Rain- it's my happy weather.

the part i loved? (without spoiling too much) she keeps a copy of cards sent with flowers that "stayed with her." She said something like, "life... on a 3x5."

Lo, THANKS for my fake glasses and the picture/note. It means SOOO much to me. Don't forget, us sisters have a scary movie night date in your living room- pajamas & sleeping bags. love you!!!! xo


Annie said...

you two ladies are so CUTE!!
spending time with besties is the very BEST!!
mine is coming over for a slumber party next week, i can't wait!!! :)

Marisa said...

sounds so fun.. can't wait to see this chick flick... so much better with the girls

PS rainy weather is my favorite... ONE of the reasons why i SHOULD be living in Europe

Courtney said...

I LOVE Seattle and it's not too far away! We used to go up there every year around Christmas time...SO GORGEOUS!!

This movie is definitely on my list! Glad you had a great night with the girls!

xxJackie said...

Can't wait to see this moviieeeee!!

♥Aubrey said...

If you ever visit...look me up lady!!! It's my city and i'd be happy to show you around :)

Lo said...

you are WELCOME for the little note and glasses! it's not much but i hope it made you smile!

you and I are fashion twins. marianne is on her own. she is the lone reed. haha!!

((it's hug a vegetarian day guys))
We will lunch at salad deli and I am protesting MEAT today in your honor. But today only. hahahahaha!!

Micaela said...

Lo, it means a lot to me poot! you are so cute to want to take me to Sala Deli. :)

"eat your greens!!!!!"

yup- Marz is TOTALLY on her own. Her and her black top uniform. hahaha

i loooove the "fake" glasses! i want to get Max a pair. Like Jude Law & John Stamos in black rimmed glasses... sexy!

can't wait for our slumber party tonight. see you at lunch!!! xo

missy. said...

I can't wait to go see this! I absolutely LOVE Jen Anisiton. Fabulous lady. Have a fun time at your sister sleep over! Muah!!

Kenna Christensen said...

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!! you two are adorable!!!!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

SO cute I love these photos :)

I cant wait to see this movie!


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