Tuesday, September 22, 2009

let me play you a song? & share with you 4 words that meant the world to me...

While driving around in twinkie's new car last night, we listened to our Dirty Dancing Soundtrack. It's really amazing. This song came on, "Cry to Me" by Solomon Burke and she said... this is you.

"When your baby leaves you all alone
And nobody call you on the phone
Doncha feel like crying
Doncha feel like crying
like crying like crying
C'mon baby, cry to me

Nothing could be sadder than a glass of wine alone
Loneliness loneliness, it just a waste of your time
But you don't ever you don't ever have to walk alone
You see, so c'mon take my hand
C'mon walk with me"

Yes, yes that's me.

i did a lot on the house last night, and it's weird making it different,

while at the same time- keeping a lot the way me & Max had it.

And soon, it will be filled with chatter, laughter, noise of new inhabitants.

I can't wait to show you all what i've done to our old bedroom (now just mine). And...! my winning chalkboard came in the mail yesterday. I already hung it up in the dining room/kitchen area with a message. Brooke, it's lovely! thank-you again. truly, i love it!

i seem to have misplaced my camera in all the sea of boxes.

Can i share with you what made my heart flutter? what gave me absolute joy??? my boyfriend did. this was my fb status yesterday:

Micaela Lechuga is moving day! not zipcode.... YET. well you know, if my bf still wants me in a few months.

and do you know what this bf of mine commented?:

"i think he will."

oh i hope so!!! Can i share something else with you, lovies? He's looking at places in VA... for us.

I would leave tomorrow if I could. i would. Just so you know....


Marisa said...

... perfect song

how sweet is Max and oh how you needed that reassurance, don't we all.

wish we could have a glass of wine together... with your twinkie, pretty sure i am gonna love her too.

thank you for you comment yesterday. i needed that. you are so right!

missy. said...

I LOVE when you find a song that fits perfectly with your situation!! Can't wait to see the pics of the house. Also I hope he finds a place for you two in VA! It's beautiful there.

The Socialite said...

Oh man - I am SOOOO EXCITED for you two! :) How amazing! Big cyber hugs sent your way! :))))

I love the relationship you have with your twinkie - it's so special.

Belen said...

aw, this is a good read. i can't wait to have a house of my own to decorate/design the way i want to. i can't wait to fill it with my love (not that my current house with my family isn't. but you know, it's like, all my parents' style haha)

ps, i have your card and postcard collaged onto a picture frame where i keep pretty things taped to it. :)

Tiffany said...

Funny to read everyones comments on here about the relationship with your twinkie and other seesters.... if they ever saw first hand they would just be amazed! yall are 2 parts of one brain...

I hope for the best with you and Max (strange calling him that) I would say I need someone in VA to go and visit...but I'm pretty sure we both could have a place to stay with a big tall sweet & goofy man that is from there! lol

I love you Mickey....seems like life is starting to go in the right direction, lets keep it that way! I'm here if you need me!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love that song :) I cant wait to see the pictures! You are so sweet xxx

Micaela said...

M, I tell my twinkie about you alll the time. You would love each other too. She's the sweeter one of us. and yes. YES yes yes! we all need that reassurance. It's not a def. yes, but M, i needed to hear it right then.

Missy, i will try and post something tomorrow!

Vanessa, it feels like a million years lady! I miss you.

Belen, that makes me OH SO HAPPY!!! really.

Tiffy, Lord, I know. SERIOUSLY!!! you have seen and been there through my many ups and downs. But yes, i have to say... i do believe life is going in the right direction- FINALLY. I hope to sincerely be able to make up all the times you have been there for me.

HA- i had to laugh out loud when I thought of who you were refrencing (JF!!!) LOL!!!! i suggest you do visit :) i love you!!!!

Gabby said...

This makes me smile.

1. Dirty Dancing soundtrack and that song...amazing.

2. Twinkies are pretty awesome, I can attest to that! (although you said your twin is the sweeter one of you two and I don't see how that's possible.)

3. The future looks amazingly bright!

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