Monday, September 28, 2009

Case of the Mondays.

I woke up early, saw the Texas sky before the sun rose, and was ready to leave for work and be early for once.

and then, in my driveway... my car wouldn't start.

monday 10 micaela 0.

ugh. not cool, little car. I am hoping it just needs to be jumped, though darling friend did say that if lights turned on, it could be something more... like the alternator. I don't want to worry about it now. [as laid-back as i think i am, i am really such an over-worrier about everything, and i won't get anything done at work if i am thinking of it]

i hope you lovies are off to a better start of a new week!

how was your weekends?

i had a quiet one... but it was nice. Got a lot of things done to the house, including a wonderful steal on a dining room table.

I also hung out with my girlfriends at our scary movie night slumber party Friday. We watched "The Strangers" -- omg, scared me, scared me!

but how beautiful was Liv Tyler? and i've always loved Scott Speedman. Max reminded me of his character.

so yes, even though my Monday started out bumpy (and could get bumpier, though let's hope not)... it could always be worse, right?

and really, what i was just hoping to say with this post was

Good Morning Sunshines!!!


missy. said...

Lady! I am sorry to hear your car wouldn't start. I've had a few moments like that with my car. Stupid things sometimes aren't they? Hope it gets better for you! My weekend was FABULOUS. Story is posted. Much love darling!

Marisa said...

it seems like things like that always happen on Monday's... all the more reason we should all have sat- mon off... but then i guess it would be tues that got it all. LOL
hope the day looks up... love those last pictures...adorable

The Socialite said...

Boo! I hate when I have car issues and have no idea what to do?! 10+ for you for keeping so upbeat on a Monday! So far I'm 5+ to 5+ on my Monday. haha! ;)

Micaela said...

Vanessa, haha on the 5+! i know, it is the WORSE! luckily, if it's not the battery (wich i'm praying it is!!!) i have a co-worker who knows about cars and has already offered to look at it if need be. SWEET!

missy, off to read about your FABULOUS weekend (glad to hear it!!!)

M, it is SUCH a bummer. thanks, love.

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