Thursday, September 17, 2009


I always thought this word was used to describe someone's cool decor or taste.

as in, "that's so kitsch."

and i've used to often.

Lo sent me a picture of a necklace she purchased off etsy with three silver owls together, representing her and her sisters. Her mom loved owls.

i thought it was darling and replied to her email saying, "owls are so kitsch- OF COURSE your Mom loved them. Of course."

she emailed me back saying that she didn't know what Kitsch meant, so she looked it up and was hurt:

Definitions of kitsch on the Web:
excessively garish or sentimental art; usually considered in bad taste

Kitsch is the German and Yiddish word denoting art that is
considered an inferior, tasteless copy of an extant style of art...

man oh man i felt TERRIBLE. i had nooo clue!
but sweet lo saw my vocabulary faux-pas. in fact, i told her how i used it in this post to describe Katy's decor {which i lurve!}. ahhhh. I'm so embarrassed.

i told my boss the story and she goes, "well that's because kitsch sounds cute. It's a cute word. Isn't it jewish?"


I'm so sorry! I love love love the necklace and the meaning behind it. Thanks for the laughs at lunch. I love my girl time. "huddle huddle" - you are the cutest. smooches!!! xo


Lo said...


i love our girl time too!
we should huddle more often.

and no worries about "kitsch"
i had to google it to be in the loop!


Micaela said...

i felt horrible!

i can just imagined your hurt when you googled it. I'm glad you are in the loop and put ME in the loop! lol

i do so love the necklace.

and huddling with you girls.

Anonymous said...

you are a riott GIRRRL! <3

Ash said...

That's funny. I LOVE the word kitsch... I just don't love the meaning. I wish it meant something different!

Marisa said...

this is funny...
i would so do something like that!

love your new header by the way!

TUSCANY!!! yes please, you and me.

Farah said...

well, yeah it does sound like a really cutesy word! but luckily you girls googled it! lol.

Geisslein said...

hihi - your are sooo cute! I had to laugh out loud! Kitsch sounds really nice, you are right. But it´s not only a baaaad word, so don´t feel panic about it. It means knickknacks and trash, but in my opinion kitsch is sometimes really nice stuff ;o) sunny greetings from good old germany, geisslein ;o)

Micaela said...

Geisslen, see i think that's what i was thinking of. I know I saw it somewhere in that terms... i think we girls should adopt the word and make it cute. deal? ;)

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