Saturday, September 5, 2009

Since we're not Florida bound til tomorrow...

I helped out at my gf Stephanie's garage sale. Getting up at 5:30 this morning was not an easy task.

but it was fun to hang out with her, twinkie, Katy (old roomie!!!) and make a few bucks in the process. {or in my case, shop their stuff lol} We sat on the back stoop, coffees black, and caught up on life/relationships.

and now... I am now a proud owner of another piece of original art!!!!

my little collection is happily growing, but let's back track: the first purchase was from the very talented (and my absolute fave) UK artist olivia jeffries. Remember how proud i was to purchase these beauties? loooove her work. And then of course, my talented papa's work is featured in Casa di M.

now, welcome THIS beauty:
i'm in love with her. I have loved it since I first moved in with Katy, who has the most kitsch decor. Her Grandmother painted it. Isn't it beautiful? She sold it to me because she knew that i would appreciate it.

i love it. loveeee it.

closer details:

i have a thing for birds, esp. if they're little black birds.

Katy, i loved seeing you today and every time you visit your old stomping grounds. Totally thought we could have gotten away with mimosa's this morning. *wink. You have suuuch an artistic family! {Don't forget to ask your cousin about the bust} love you! xo

ps. lovies, she has a catchy blog that she may hate me for advertising, but you can check her out at cloudyeightyeight. I wish she would post more often, don't you? they're short and sweet but always intriguing.

off to stare at my new art...


Julia said...

I totally love that painting! How special.

Marisa said...

beuatiful painting... the details are amazing.

CC. said...

love that painting! great colors although not such a fan of birds in real life, that one looks pretty!

have a blast in florida!

Kaylen said...

Hooray! So exciting! Those are great pops of color on a grey background.

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