Wednesday, September 30, 2009

it's great to be your friend.

last night i could not sleep.
i lay wide awake in bed long after 2 a.m.
and i couldn't pin point what it was that was keeping me up.
i was just awake.
the house was quiet. i was restless.

today, i just feel disappointed.
again, i can't pin point at what exactly...
it's just a feeling that's there.

on my lunch break, i got this beautiful postcard from Belen. A "just because" note, to wish me a good day. No-- a GREAT day. It was the sweetest card that really filled me up with a sense of sincere thankfulness. Thankfulness to be blessed with amazing friendships with girls i have never even met in person, but feel so close to.

it's all magical. it really is.

i needed a word of encouragement and found it right when i needed it, thanks to YOU, Belen, my beautiful friend.

i love love love your thoughtfulness. i love love love that last line. i completely agree.

the postcard really is so pretty. i have a thing for hummingbirds... it's perfect! i'm going to frame it and hang it in my home and smile everytime i see it. thank-you with all my heart. xoxo

i am sooo thankful for this blogging community. for the friends i've met and for even those that just pass by my little space. it's great to be connected. it's great to be your friend.


Marisa said...

what a gorgeous postcard...
i just love her, she is so thoughtful and how great to get it on a day when you are not feeling yourself.
i know this feeling all too well.


♥Aubrey said...

What a sweet♥
Isn't it amazing how little things make the BIGGEST difference in our lives and mood. Luv it!!! Keep that smile on your face pretty lady.

missy. said...

that is very thoughtful of belen to do! if i had your address i would send you surprises as well! they are best :) i will email you my secret to enjoying the good times. it will be a little love for you inbox. muaaah!! love you dearly girl. and yes, of course i get you!!

Ash said...

What a good friend. I've felt that way a lot lately, but I've had a lot of stress from business stuff... so I know how you feel. I can't sleep most nights because my mind is going crazy!

Sara said...

How sweet! I am glad your day took a turn to the (much) better!!

xxJackie said...

I have to agree with Aubrey about the little things. They really do make the biggest difference, whether it's a stranger smiling at you on the sidewalk or a post card from a friend. That was terribly sweet of her!!

Krissa said...

How sweet...I call moments like that (getting a sweet card on such a hard day) a tender mercy... God showing us he is watching over us and is there...
Love ya girl!

Gabby said...

That is so nice :) both of you are sweethearts!

CC. said...

goodness, you have so many people who love you, how nice it must feel. i have felt so sad and lonely lately and all i want to do is move back to dc to be with my friends. i love my job but hate the location!!!!

feel better sweets

Micaela said...

Missy, thanks for sharing the secret to good times. It really meant a lot to me that you could open up and share a piece of your personal life with me. It isn't always easy to be vulnerable. I promise to get back to you tomorrow pretty girl! Truly, it meant a lot.

Ash, i know you feel that way sometimes from your perfect words. I think that's why i fell in love with your blog; because i'm not the only one who has a great life on the surface, but gets these clouds over her head. (M, you get that)

yes, the little things that fit so perfectly into your heart Aubrey. So right.

Jackie, for that reason i always smile at strangers. It's amazing though how many people do walk with their heads turned straight or afraid to look at people. I love connections.

Krissa, I BELIEVE in the power of prayer. I think your prayers helped! my car is running today!!! whooooo hooooo!!! this makes me happy. It's been such a weight lifted. I have you to thank, my prayer sister. Powerful. I am sending my good vibes your way. love ya!

CC, it feels fabulous. I feel blessed. as you do! i can tell what a lovely group of women you have as friends. i know we're blog buddies but i hope you feel i could be your friend too, especially at those times you feel lonely/sad. ESPECIALLY those times.

xoxo and hearts to you all!!!!

Geisslein said...

This postcard is really really beautiful! Actually I feel like CC, but for some other I am always happy when I can come to my own little blogworld and read such lovely posts, and the comments I receive for my posts often help me to see the light at the end of the tunnel again...You are a really cute girl Micaela! Have a lovely day full of laughter! xo geisslein

Belen said...


I really do love you and writing to you! I'm so glad we found each other! ^_^

Thanks for this post, and thanks to those that commented about me. Makes me feel special. :)

Belen ♥

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