Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Benevolent Postcard: Sept. 2009. First Mailing.

Happy Mailing Day!!!!
i hope you took my advice here lovies, because then you will be as excited as i am about today!!!

I've excitedly exchanged emails with M, Katy, and Belen about receiving our first pick. {we're such cute girls, wanting to make sure we are somewhat on the same page because we are EXCITED to be part of this project- er, society!!!}

Polly in the UK, i'm so glad to have received you for my first one.

Note to self: Postcards don't hold as much space as i thought. Polly, forgive me for the novella!

so here's the postcard i sent & a hint of the backside:

a bit of what i wrote in my message:

"On a rainy day, go to the nearest book shop. Pick out "Happens Every Day," a memoir by Isabel Gillies and turn to pg 10. Towards the end you'll find my favorite poem. It's my gift to you, Polly."


Lindsey said...

that is amazing! i just read about the BPS and wish i had found out about it sooner :) it makes me smile though to think of how happy all of the society will be!

Anonymous said...

m - that is the sweetest message...
i would swoon if i received that!
i will post a pic of mine tomorrow. this is so much fun and it is only month 1.

Jayne said...

What a neat little society! Also, that postcard {or at least what I can see of it} is stunning!

Make, Do & Send said...

I think its such a nice idea that Polly has to get the book to find the poem rather than just writing it on the card, its like a special treasure hunt. I am definitely going to have to find that poem too, you've intrigued me!

KLBK said...

ADORE your message!!!

Polly R said...

Oh my god ahhh my name is Polly and I live in the UK. Maybe that's my postcard! But my friend Polly also lives in the UK (and is part of the BPS), so maybe it's hers. Ah I can't wait to see xxx

Micaela said...

aww thanks for your positive feedback! I was nervous about the first mailing.

Polly, if it's you- I DO SO HOPE YOU LOVE IT! :) thanks for commenting anyway, because it lead me to your magical blog. Let me know if it's you!

Lindsey, you would have been a great addition! I will send you a postie if you want.

M- I LOOOOVED yours! loved it. I would have been happy to get it!!! old theatres are true gems. There's one in Archer City that was used to film "The Last Picture Show," which was very contraversial for it's time. I would have loved to read about your theatre. I would love to watch a film there with you (i will someday!)

Can't wait to recieve mine!!! of course, I plan on sharing :)


Micaela said...

KLBK, pleasure to meet you! i wish i had seen your poetry book earlier. Would have been a great addition to my little library. But i will however, take a looksie at your charming etsy shop!!! Too bad i JUST got back from a road trip, or else i'd buy the whole place out. ;)

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