Friday, November 27, 2009

3 pictures on a Friday from congested me.

sometimes i get the urge to cut my own bangs.
these dark circle under my eyes can be blamed
for staying up til 3 a.m. reading NEW MOON.

little seester's converse (signed by SugarCult band member)
& my slippers.
outside helping parents put up christmas lights.

early Christmas pressie from Momma: ROBSESSED.
Robert Pattinson DVD. oooh yeah.

Happy Friday lovies!!!


missy. said...

You are gorgeous lady! Loove your lip color.

Robsessed? I have never even heard of it! Will def need to check it out!!

Looove you lady! Enjoy your weekend my pet.

Sanja said...

you are so BELLA BELLA BELLA!!! red looks perfect on you, you should wear it more often. muah***

:: Gina :: said...

this just reminded me of how badly i need my bangs trimmed . =)

Red Boots said...

Your bangs are lovely - whenever I cut my own it looks like a 3 year old has been at them!!


Belen said...

HAHA, you WOULD have that Robsessed dvd. :P i saw it and definitely thought of you. :)

btw, I LOVE YOUR BANGS. you look more like my sister now. hahah jk jk. but i do LOVE them on you. jealous of your beauty!

(btw, i'm SO sorry i haven't written back yet. november's gone so fast! i don't know where the time went!)

speaking of books. i'm half way through Pages for You. it's amaaaazing. it nearly blows my mind (even when it's a girl loves girl story). i love how the author describes it all in a dreamy state, yknow? it's lovely.

love ya! :)

Melita said...

you look fabulous!! hooray for early christmas presents! hugs!!

Micaela said...

Belen, WE ARE SEESTERS! :) the dvd, he was beautiful but it was all everyone else talking. I wish he had talked... it was worse than an E bio :) but still! it's HIM!

no rush on the letter sweetie! i know how the holidays can be and well life. no worries love! i am SOOO GLAD you're loving "pages for you." It was a beautiful and fast read for me. I'm glad you picked it up and ya, i didn't think you'd care that it was a girl with girl love story, but just incase, i had to point it out. lol dreamy state... perfect description.

Camilla Salem said...

1.) way to go cutting your own bangs. i wish i could do that. but i'm too scared, and my hands are shaky :)

2.) Rob Pattinson. Sigh. Love him.

That is all! :)

angelina la dawn said...

i cut my own bangs recently too. i might not be doing that again. but yours look great!

Carolyn said...

What fun and pretty pictures!! I have to agree with Melit! Yay for earl Christmas presents!!

Krissa said...

you look absolutely gorgeous!!!

and Robsessed....what the devil is that...never heard of it...any good???

Manju said...

team edward huh? lol you're adorable!

MArisa said...

m - you are gorgeous... seriously

love your slippers and twinkie's converse... daughter would love those.

what a good daughter you are top help with the christmas lights...

somedaynewyorker said...

Haha. I actually want to see that documentary.

Enter to win a pair of ugg boots.

Micaela said...

ladies, thank-you for all your sweet words and forgiving of my dark cirlces :) you know how to make a girl feel special! hugs all around!!!

and lovies, i hate to say it but the documentary? not so good. haha still, it's the thought that counts and my Momma is sooo cute to think of me when she saw it. le sigh. i can't stop thinking about vampires and werewolves. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MONTH'S ROLLING STONE?! call me a cougar, i don't care. yum!

Diana said...

Congested?? If this is what you look like sick, I need some tips!! You look adorable!

Melissa Y. Allam said...

You are a cute girl. Don't cut those bangs.

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