Monday, November 16, 2009

one of those mondays. few things making my day though.

good morning sunshines!!!

i should have just called in sick to work today...
i went to bed before the Patriots/Colts game even ended, i was feeling that yuck. (and if you know me, you know i love football. LOVE IT.)

you know when you're feeling so terrible and just want to cry? especially when someone says or does something sweet and it fits into that perfect place in your heart?

a co-worker of mine, Marty did that for me today. He's a talented artist who sells minnie portraits of dogs. I told him i would love one of my Maverick, my bichon baby girl. Look what he brought to me on this yucky monday morning:

it looks EXACTLY like my little girl. Exactly. I just about cried when he handed it to me. I'm a mess of emotions...

it's just one of those Mondays.

but i won't whine! especially when there's so much kindness in the world.

there's a lot of lovely girls in our blogging world that are dear friends to me. and are SO TALENTED. Since i failed to do a sharing sunday post, i will do a shortened version of it. AND! it's a treat for you guys as well because... they're doing awesome giveaways/deals!

Fallon of Sweet Fancy
i've raved about her wonderful work when i purchased her personalized postcard pillow for darling friend. i'm about to get another Christmas gift from her store and saw that she is having an exclusive offer for her readers! she'll send you one of her lovely birdcage ornaments for free as a sweet thank-you. Read more about it here & if you need gift ideas, i highly suggest shopping at Olive Handmade.

many of you love this heisschic's humorous fun stories she candidly shares, me included. My favorite posts though, are about *him* . She's holing her FIRST EVER giveaway of her favorite things, included the above nail polish that just might be my new favorite colour. Seriously, sign up for her giveaway.

my life saver in helping me with my ornament swap. She's such a doll really. Not only is she incredibly kind, she's also very talented. She reccently opened her etsy shop where you can buy beautiful prints like the one above. PSSST... you could be that lucky one who wins a print. Find the details on Rhianne's post here.

and last BUT CERTAINLY not least,
C.C. - my caitlin- of Sunshin Lovin
made my day.
how adorable is she? she's holding up my postcard, her first piece of snail mail to her new apartment. CHEERS to your new new adventure!

lovies, thanks for letting me share, even if it's a day late. i love my friends, i truly adore each and every one of you. xo


Marisa said...

m - sorry you are feeling under the weather. my weekend was basically the same. I couldn't stay awake for the game either and was completely surprised when i saw the final this morning.

wish i was close enough to bring you tea and some veggie soup.

Still Here said...

I LOVE the portrait of your pooch! Does your artist friend Marty have a website? Hope you are feeling better.

marisa said...

ps the picture of maverick is amazing

Belen said...

girlfriend! it's my blogoversary in about a month.. i might host me a giveaway for the special occasion. :)

maverick's a cute one. :) i wish i had a dog! but not in my tiny house. :( but one day!

btw, i'm in the middle of writing back to you. i have a lot to say in this one, soooo... it's long, lol. :P

love ya love ya!

Fallon said...

Sorry you're not feeling well :( The portrait of your pup is awesome and so are you for sharing my Ornament giveaway! Thanks!

Arianna Belle said...

The portrait of Maverick is beautiful! She looks sooo cute!
Hope you feel better soon! Maybe you can leave early from work? ;-)



Rhianne said...

oh no, I just saw this, you poor thing. I hope you feel loads better soon.

That painting of your pup is so cute though - I would have been close to crying too :)

and thank you so much for mentioning me, you are a star! Hugs xxx

Anna said...

i hope you feel better soon! and thanks for sharing all your lovely blog friends! xo

Gabby said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well today, lady! I hope that changes SOON!

That painting of Maverick is amazing! He is seriously talented!

I'm off to check out the blogs you linked, some of them are new to me, yay! xo

missy. said...

Oh lady I am so sorry to hear you've been under the weather. If I were there with you I'd make you soup and play with your hair.

Martys painting is indeed beautiful. How sweet!

Feel better my love! If you need anything I'm here for you!


CC. said...

awww yayyyy!!! ur so sweet. i just love it. i hope you are feeling better. im a little bit of an emotional mess myself.

maybe tonight pamper yourself, take a bubble bath, light some candles, sip on some yummy tea and relax. xoxoox

heisschic said...

bah. being sick is no fun... esp if there's no one to complain to! *cough* i mean, take care of you.

and thank you, lovee. you're pretty much the absolute best. yup.

max said...

that looks just like her!

that's amazing

Cassie said...

So sorry to hear you are feeling pants. Hope this reaches you today feeling a tad better!
I am so glad I came across your wonderful blog from Rhiannes - wonderful links.
Big thanks and big get well hugs heading your way xx

Carolyn said...

Ohh I hope that your feeling better!! I wish I could bring you a cup of tea and some soup! Feel better soon xoxo Carolyn

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