Thursday, November 5, 2009

i miss him. i miss him. i miss him.

this is part of my work desk... the part i see right next to my computer screen.

a picture of us that has a lot of meaning.
one of my darling friend when we were at Monticello.

i miss him. i miss him. i miss him.

*yes that's my tony stewart mousepad.

don't judge, i don't watch Nascar like i do other sports...

BUT i am a tony stewart girl

(much to darling friend's dismay)

speaking of my Max... i saw this below, and had a giggle.

i am his beautiful mess.

he once said something to me along the lines of this.

and whereas i don't believe i give his life purpose...

he sure is my life. he makes me want to be a better me for him.

a healthier me. a kinder me. a fun me. a more loving me.

a gracious me.


Sanja said...

you poor thing:( i know (unfortunately) how it feels when you miss someone special! let's pray things change in a better way in 2010:)

and i miss YOU!:*

<3 <3 <3

missy. said...

i loove pictures like that. you just look at it and you heart smiles because you know how much that moment meant to the both of you. sigh.

you've been tagged my darling micaela!

max said...

when u write stuff like that, u make it hard to get mad at u!

I miss u terribly.

love u!

marisa said...

your words move me always... and this i understand...well

Geisslein said...

you are a very cute and beautiful you! and you still give me hope...

The Socialite said...

"Your crazy emotional needs give my life purpose"!

I reallly need that one! haha :))

Your desk is so cute! Even with the Tony Stewart mouse pad! lol

Julia said...

I totally remember that feeling. Being away from someone you love is so hard!

I sent the painting off yesterday. Let me know when you get it!


Gemma Louise said...

:) the artist that made that image was Rob Ryan, I done a massive art project on him last year! wonderful words and work!


Farah said...

I understand how you feel. truly and deeply. *sigh*

chin up darling girl, things will be better soon(ish)! xoxo

Micaela said...

Gemma, of course you would know!!! thank you so much love.


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