Wednesday, November 11, 2009

when you're thirsty, i'll give you something to drink.

back before we lived together and i visited my then best friend's bachelor pad (now my darling friend), he would sometimes make me the BEST white russians or bloody mary (his fave).

[side story: he would make my bloody mary with soy sauce cos worcestershire has anchovies & as a vegetarian, i don't do anchovies]

i would drink out of these glass cups that reminded me of mason jars. i once asked him where he got them, because i quite liked them.

his "secret"? once he was done with pickle jars, he'd run them thru the dishwasher and use them.

i giggled. and then told him he was quite the genius.

so if you look in my cupboards... amdist the wine glasses and coffee mugs... you'll find our shared collection of "old pickle jar cups." and if you come over, i'll give you a drink in one and you'll see that they're perfect for holding drinks.


Marisa said...

seriously m.....?

my cupboards are full of different sized mason jars... i drink everything from them. i always say that everything tastes better in them.

LOVE the pickle jar idea.

Gabby said...

That's a great idea!

missy. said...

the pickle jar idea is genius. i am totally going to start doing that. and thank you for posting my doodle on your main sidebar. you are a doll.

Megan said...

Oh, we do this too. Its good to know were not the only ones.

♥Aubrey said...

That's adorable...make me smile :)
Ummm...PICKLES not-so-much my fav, but i'll drink out of the jar.

Anonymous said...

not so much a pickle fan but i love the idea to use the jars =) it's pure genious!!!


Micaela said...

i don't like pickles either girls!!! but jalepeno jars work too and i love them :)

or go with my bestie M's idea and use mason jars... love mason jars for my cotton balls and q-tips.

M, OF COURSE we'd love mason jars.

Max said...


the tall ones were salsa jars. i had to buy the store brand salsa that was not very good to get the good bottle!

the sacrifices i make.

miss and love you!

Melissa A. said...

I'll take a bloody mary in mine, because that's my favorite drink if i'm going to drink, which I do on occasion. Tell your friend I like 'em spicy.

April said...

I will seriously never buy another glass/cup again. (That's a big fat lie. . . I buy too much of everything, but anyway.) I'm loving jars as cups right now!

So glad you like that song. I knew you would! <3

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