Thursday, November 5, 2009

Autumn Comfort.

lovies, i wish i had blogged about this swap when i first signed up for it because i think a lot of you girls would have loved it (M!) and been absolutely PERFECT for it.

Forgive me because when i signed up for it, i was going through a difficult and sad time that it slipped my mind until i got the email and it was already closed. It won't ever happen again, i promise!

It was cutely called the Comfort Swap, hosted by Sofia at etre soi to celebrate our favorite season, Autumn: send 4 gifts of comfort to someone you are matched up with.

Melissa A. of Design Delights got my name and i couldn't be more thankful. She has an eye for beauty and her blog couldn't be titled better. She also has lots of beautiful thoughts, like this one on dreams.

I got her package today at lunch and was so excited to open it! Please excuse the horrible cell phone picture... i was up late watching the World Series (and one too many Corona Lights to celebrate the Yankees win).

and not to mention twinkie didn't tell me my top was scrunchin.

beautifully wrapped in my favorite colours. Melissa, you really paid attention to what i like and that is just darling of you! Her comfort for me: Half Broke Horses by the author of "The Glass Castle," a pretty coffee mug from Anthro, Lindt Hazelnut dark chocolate (yum!), and Starbucks Colombia VIA Ready Brews in both medium and bold. I can't wait to try them out!

Melissa, thank-you!!! I loved it all so much.

{Melita, i hope you get my comfort package soon

& love it just as much as the one i got today}

UPDATE: Melita posted this really sweet post about my gift to her on her blog, Gussying Up the Tuttle if you'd like to see. awww. i'm glad she enjoyed my comfort package and i'm glad we are friends now. xo


Krissa said...

How fun!!!
That looks like some lovely stuff!

lindsey said...

hi love! where do you find out about all these wonderful swaps? i would love, love, love to be in one!

Melissa A. said...

I'm am so glad that you loved the package and thank you for all the kind and sweet words about me. I had fun putting it together for you. I love giving gifts and wrapping packages. I'm glad my post today on Dreams and my little package brought you comfort today. Have a very happy week and I will certainly keep in touch.

♥Aubrey said...

Awww...what a wonderful swap!!! And you look beautiful as always :)

Sanja said...

Lindt chocolates are the best!!! my fave one is just the one you got:)when you get here, we'll eat bunch of it;)

Anonymous said...

They're wrapped sweetly.
And also stuffs in there are interesting.

Farah said...

Wow that is such a great care package of sorts! Lucky you! ;)

and seriously, you look beautiful no matter what! so dont worry about it! ;)

kaileenelise said...

I loved the swap, too :) It looks like you received a thoughtful and pretty package! I can't wait to see what you sent Melita. Here are my swap deets from earlier this week! xoxo, kaileenelise

Marisa said...

what a fun swap... i love all the details your girl put into it.
can't wait to see what you sent.

you look gorgeous... love the skirt!

missy. said...

how fun! i'm doing a scarf swap and am soo excited about it.

her gifts were so perfect for you! i love them. let me know how that book is.

Micaela said...

Lindsey, On other people's lovely blogs. I usually post about them which is why i was kicking myself i didn't about this one. I'm thinking of hosting an ornament swap! I was telling Marisa, I'm just scared people wouldn't wanna play lol

Melissa, I am the SAME way about giving gifts. Little pieces of happiness. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Aubrey, you are always so sweet to me :)

Sanja, YES WE WILL!!! lots of chocolate.

Filtduo, SO NICE to meet you. your blog is thought-provoking and we share a love for the same movies. Movies are the great escape of life.

Kaileen Elise, LOVED your swap exchange- both the one you recieved and sent. Would have loved to have listened to your song mix & those cookies!!!

Missy, scarf exchange! how fun.

thank-you loves for all the sweet things you said. j'adore each of you!!!! xo

ps. M, thanks for your text yesterday. you are so cute!!!! YOU are the beauty.

Melita said...

oh darling, i am absolutely crazy for my autumn swap package you sent me. it was as if you have known me for years!! everything in the package was perfect!! hugs!!

Micaela said...

Melita, that is the sweetest thing you could ever say to me :)

thanks for your SWEET SWEET email!!!

and yes, we'll stay in touch for sure.


Anonymous said...

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