Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sharing Sundays... Auburn Street.

i want to introduce a new favourite of mine Sarah C. who writes about being a brand-new wife and puppy mom on Auburn Street. She indulged me and filled out her ten things and i loved her list to pieces, i had to share. (this is why i love those tags- not so much the flare, but the things you share. It's actually really hard to come up with ten random facts about ourselves isn't it?)

you should meet Sarah and check out her list. (i admire her and her husband don't own a tv)

i mean look at her wedding to the love of her life Matt- they got married at a THEATRE. that included a typewriter.

{if me and my technical husband didn't already have a lovely location picked out for our future day proclaiming forever... i'm pretty sure i'd beg him to stand inside a theatre with me.}

aren't they fierce in their cuteness?

i love my friends on here. [Lovies, let's face it, you're all FABULOUS] and i think you guys should get to know each other.

so i may just do a sharing sundays from now on starting with those who filled out my Sugar Doll award.

Sarah C., thanks for being my first installment.

(pics via Real Wedding)


Sarah C said...

Micaela! You are so very sweet!!! I think this is exactly the reason I'm loving blogging - there is such a great community of people who are awesome, just waiting to meet each other!

Thanks for sharing our wedding. It was the best day ever :)

(Oh, and I think it'll be extremely hard for you to leave your perfect job, but just think of how wonderful it will be to live with fabulous boy!)

Anonymous said...

OMG i love their theater wedding it's sooo glam!!
the blue typewriter. to die for...
i remember when i used to have a typewriter but it broke (tear)

Krissa said...

How awesome....what a cute blog!
cute idea for sundays too...cant wait to read/meet others
Happy Sunday!

missy. said...

what a beautiful wedding idea!! they are beautiful.

just as you are my dear micaela.

marisa said...

how adorable are they...

i admire people who don't have tv's too. it takes up so much of my precious time... i know this.

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