Friday, November 6, 2009

it was a good day yesterday. no, a GREAT DAY.

Not only did i get my Autumn Swap surprise, but remember the Pay It Forward Niki put together on her blog?

[random acts of kindness. i love them. she decided to do this when she read an article in her newspaper about a local jeweller abandoning pieces of her creations in various places in Brisbane every month for someone to find. don't you love that story? it makes you feel good]

well her Pay It Forward to me ALSO came in yesterday.
it was another great surprise!!! :

a hand made address book (& i have been needing one- my addresses will no longer be on pieces of loose paper everywhere and just in time for Christmas when i send off holiday cards)

the cutest and yummiest chocolates

her favorite (and now mine too) magazine FRANKIE.

and the most awesome card that says DOLCE VITA. (where oh where did you find that Nik? i love it!!!)

Thank-you Niki!!! more than anything, thank-you for wanting to spread random acts of kindness and allowing us to do that as well.

speaking of that... i'm thinking of hosting an ornament swap. What do you lovies think? would you join? i am such an ornament girl. To have an ornament to hang on your Christmas tree and be reminded of that person, that year...

at my last job, we'd have a ladies luncheon and do an ornament exchange and i loved it! since i mainly work with men now and have a smaller office... i thought i would try out hosting a swap on my Dolce Vita.

Details Monday.... but be thinking about it loves!


Sarah C said...

I've actually never been involved in a swap, but I'd LOVE to try one out. And an ornament swap sounds PERFECT!

Great idea!

missy. said...

that would be awesome. i'm totally in if you do!!

Michely Medeiros. said...

love the act of kindness idea :) and i'll def consider ornament swapping. seems like a cool idea as well :)

have a great weekend!!

Melissa A. said...

What a cool gift you got here. I just posted a Pay It Forward giveaway on my blog today to. I saw the idea on another blog and thought it fit the month real well. I guess others had the idea too. I have seen it in a few places.

The Socialite said...

Oh my! How sweet! You're so loved with all your little gifts, so well deserved! ;)

Belen said...


and i love the handmade address book! :)

Niki said...

Glad they got to you safely and brightened your day!


Marisa said...

what a fantastic address book... love!
i think an ornament swap is a great idea.
i am a HUGE ornament person (of course)... i have a little book were i keep track of years etc. as my daughter gets a new one every year. one of my favorite family moments... hanging the ornaments with christmas music playing.

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