Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ingredients for a perfect and quiet tuesday:

chamomile lemon tea.

catching up on Grey's Anatomy
{can i just say i love lexi & dr. sloan? i didn't think i would.}

chatting with a best friend.


Michely Medeiros. said...

there's nothing better than Grey's Anatomy even though im seriously behind

Marisa said...

chamomile lemon? yum, i have never tried that before.

i agree about lexi and dr sloan... i wasn't sure at first, but i am loving them now. not sure yet about all the new dr's.

bit of a wine headache this morning... should have had tea like you

Micaela said...

Michely, I was seriously behind too! i finally caught up thanks to! :)

M, don't get me started on Alex Karev either. swoon. I love Arizona too but ya... totally don't know what to think about the new Dr.'s. I think the pixie haired girl is so cute though.

i would have had a wine headache like you, only i had ran out from the night before... :)

Gabby said...

That DOES sound perfect. :)

Belen said...


So I'm not so much a hot tea gal, but I LOVE tea pots. I bought one a while back that's in the shape of an elephant. For my future home of course. :) I may have to post about it. ;)

I might need to take up tea again, especially since I do get free tea from Starbucks, LOL. :)

Belen ♥

Micaela said...


yes it's my tea set :) it's a pale pink & white. My Tawianese friend Yarie gave it to me. I love it!!! I'm more of a coffee girl, but chamomile tea (or any that helps you sleep) i love. I'm not a big fan of the passion fruit teas... Starbucks Chai Tea Latte? LOVE!!!
you have the best job for my love of coffee & tea.

and YES! blog about this cute elephant tea pot for your future home with the yellow door. xo

CC. said...

wasnt it crazy from last week? I watched last night.

Sarah C said...

love your tea set - too cute!

i totally spend my days off catching up on grey's - i liked this past week's episode, and it was the first one in about 4 episodes to not make me cry!!

The Socialite said...

Chamomile tea is my favorite! It's perfect for an upset stomach too!

Krissa said...

that sounds wonderful...chats with best friends are THE BEST!!!!

Meg Fee said...

that sounds like PERFECTION!!!!!

Melissa A. said...

I've never watched Grey's anatomy, but it Sound's wonderful. Wishing I could be doing that today.

gally said...

i couldnt say it better myself. that tea pot is definitely adorable, i'd love to own that. my best friend and i love drinking tea and having tea parties together. green tea is amazing. have you been watching private practice? of the two shows, private practice takes the cake this season- very intense. i'd recommend watching it :) xox


Micaela said...

Sarah C., i know- i ALWAYS cry watching Greys. Always.

i rewound the season finale like 10 times... the elevator scene? OMG it was brilliant.

Vanessa, I'm going to have to remember that tip!

Melissa, you TOTALLY need to watch Grey's. Seriously. I think you would love it.

Gally, you know i've only seen Private Practice when they combined the shows... maybe i was sad that Addison was leaving the show cos i liked her, that i took it out on PP and didn't watch :) ha. I'll have to give it another go. Tea Parties, how fun!!!

*thanks for all your compliments on my tea set :) so sweet.

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