Friday, November 20, 2009

connecting through lovely projects.

Rhianne of "For the Easily Distracted..." hosted "The Photo Swap" - quite honestly the most original swap ever.

i took my little disposable camera to Virginia last month, excited to snap photos of what will become my new home soon.
{forgive the horrible lighting in this picture}

Renee (a fellow Texan!!!) of Nouveu (not so) Riche was my partner. She emailed me the nicest letter to say she received my film to be developed.

the pic is supposed to be horizontal, but for some reason it wouldn't rotate. frustrating.

it will be so neat to see how they turn out. Renee, thanks for being my lovely partner and for allowing me to share a piece of my life (and future) with you. I can't wait to get your film.

and then remember the Pay It Forward challenge? Niki awesomely paid it forward to me, and i sent my Pay It Forward to Kaileen. She wrote about it on her blog "Kaileen Elise" and it made me so happy to give an act of kindness to someone already so very kind. This was the reason i wanted to sign up.

Kaileen, thank-you for your gracious words. They warmed my heart.

some of the random things i sent Kaileen

(who btw, also lived in Texas for a bit... me and my TEXAS pride)

"Let no one ever come to you without leaving better & happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile."

-Mother Teresa


Rhianne said...

Eeeee, I'm putting that photo of you on my blog next week, I can't wait to see the photos :)

missy. said...

how fun! you send the best pacakges! those ladies are so lucky to have you as their partners.

and you look absolutely goregous.

Carolyn said...

Darling, you are SO sweet! And YOU are gorgeous!! I also totally think you can pull off bangs. :)

Are you moving to Virginia?

My pup Lola is a maltipoo! But she's actually HUGE which you can't tell from that pic. :) She's a total doll though! Don't you just love white fluffy pups??

مى said...

Ferrero Rocher = Yum!

P.S.- so sorry I ruined the 111 follower number. 112 isn't so bad, now, is it? :)


kitchendoor said...

I love this idea! I want to play.

Maddy said...

I just sent my photoswap camera on Wednesday! I'm so excited to get mine. I might send my person a similar note because I was rushed at the post office and did not make the package as pretty as I'd hoped =X

p.s. cute pic! & I can't wait for the ornament swap! :)

Diana said...

I can't wait to get mine! This is so sweet!

Renee said...

I'm about half way through my photos!
Should be done by the end of the weekend and I'm taking YOURS in to be developed on Monday...can't wait!

I'm so excited to spend time with my WHOLE family this weekend, so forgive me if there are some wacky family shots of people you don't know...they'll likely want to play too.

Happy weekend to you, sweetie!

Melissa A. said...

You sent out your photo's already. Good for you getting it done early. Thanks for the reminder here though, I have 7 more pictures to take this weekend so I can get my film in the mail on Monday. You sound like me joining all kinds of swaps and stuff. That's cool that you did a pay-it-forward swap too. I love it! Happy weekend to you.

i-zilla said...

wow what i cool idea for the photo swap!...or just any kind of swap in general! I'm definitely going to have to try this.

Micaela said...

Melissa, i think it's a great way to connect and meet people :)

Pay It Forward is such a great idea. It does feel good to give someone a random act of kindness. How was yours sweetie?


Micaela said...

Renee, i can't wait to get your film just the same :) thanksgiving pics- that's such a wonderful idea!!! THANK-YOU in advance!!! xo

Carolyn, yes i'm moving to VA to be with my boyfriend in January :) i'm sooo nervous but excited about our new adventure. I just hate to leave the Texas i love. TOTALLY love white fluffy pups!!! keep in touch :) TEAM EDWARD! xoxo

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