Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i believe in cards.

(Rifle Design as seen on A CUP OF JO)

i love my job. i have never been able to say that until a year ago when i started working in PR. i wake up every day and do not dread going to work, or worry about the "inner politics." A lot of that has to do with the people i work with.

i have the most fabulous boss. She is very professional and talented without a doubt. She is the Miranda Priestly, but without the "Devil."

but when i've needed her for advice on a life question... she has been there for me, as both a girlfriend and as a mother type. she is simply a joy to work for.

my miranda priestly-meets-holly golightly boss is about to embark on a new adventure.

last night i thought of everything she has done for me. of how much i have learned from her professionally, to make me a better employee; a more confident one.

i believe in thank-you cards. i believe in seizing a moment that calls for a card. and so i wrote her one. a letter of thanks, of well wishes, of absolute respect- of course with a dash of humor.

i meant to beat her to work so i could leave it on her desk for her to find. unfortunately, she was here when i got to work, so i held it in my purse. i was going to slip it on her desk when she went to lunch but this is how i know sometimes timing does work.

i could have left it on her desk this morning like i had planned.

instead, in the middle of the morning she sat down across from my desk, a little stressed and said, "tell me something good. i need to hear something good. anything."

and i smiled not saying anything but reached into my purse and handed her my card.

it was the sweetest moment shared between two women, two women who are both about to embark on life changing journeys...

this is how i know sometimes timing- God's perfect timing- does work.


Marisa said...

what a perfect moment... i can see it.
and as always... SO thoughtful!

missy. said...

you really are so thoughtful. anyone who steps into your life is so lucky to know you.

myself included. love you micaela. you are the bomb diggity.

Alaine said...

Oh, I love that. The best most sincere gifts are the moments two people share. You're such a wonderful person Micaela! I believe in cards as well. =]

Jenni said...

oh that is so sweet!!! Sometimes things definitely happen for a reason. :)

Gracie said...

That is really lovely! I think thank you cards are very thoughtful and people like to know they are appreciated. God's timing is perfect. I'm sure that would have made her day to received such a sweet note.

♥Aubrey said...

PERFECT...the timing and the moment couldn't have been better. You were meant to write that just for her when she needed it :)-
I love how things like this happen.

Have a wonderful Turkey day...GoBBle-GoBBle!!!

jozen said...

i love thank you cards as well. you are too sweet.

AnalieseMarie said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed the interview with Kaileen. She is really a special soul. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

brown eyed girl said...

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the written word. I'm a big believer in thank you cards, get well cards, and cards for no reason.

Just another thing you and I have in common, my dear :)

carina said...

i love this story, micaela...

raquel said...

That was so sweet :)

eQ said...

Hey girl! I am a believer in cards too! Although I am a slacker about it sometimes. Such a sweet moment. And it's not some over the top extravegant gesture.

Thanks for the ornament swap set up. I am going to go looking for one when I get back to NY on Friday. Super excited.

Also, let me know if you want to do a Camp Fire Network post sometime in the future! I would be delighted to swap questions =)

nifer said...

What a sweet story about a beautiful moment! You are such a sweet girl with a lovely soul!

~ Jen

CC. said...

you are too sweet. i need to write my ever so supportive boss a note. my thank you note from my june interview still sits on her desk. i believe in cards and have an entire box devoted to different ones..if only i could find that amongst the chaos of boxes, id send you one right about now!

im glad you like ur job, i do too and am oh so thankful for that since so many people are so unhappy.

p.s. im playing catch-up im wayyy behind on blogging goodness.

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