Tuesday, November 17, 2009

unexpected thank-you cards are the sweetest.

Melita was my autumn comfort swap partner. (you can see what i sent her on her blog here)

I got the sweetest thank-you card from her today, that included a packet of sweet & spicy herbal tea. She's a huge fan of tea {in fact it's a shame i met her after her tea trade}. i can't wait to try this one out.

a little bit of her note that touched my heart: "Every single item was perfect. It's as if we've been friends for years. Actually, even some friends I've had for years still don't quite get my style :) -- you nailed it!"

the prettiest card with the sweetest message.
thank-you Melita!!!!

oh blogging world, you are the best decision i've ever made... well, aside from this one. *wink


missy. said...

i love that. how sweet of her to do that!

and that card? SO cute.

Marisa said...

what a great card...
you are the most thoughtful person i know so i am not surprised her package was perfect!

Gracie said...

Very very sweet! Don't you just love adorable unexpected mail. I certainly do! Blog land is amazing full of awesome people!

Melita said...

oh you sweetheart!! the card & tea bag was the LEAST i could do. i am the one who is thankful for the fabulous package you sent! and yes, don't you just love the blogging world?! i have made connections with some amazing ladies (one of them being you!). sending you much love & hugs!!

Belen said...

so cute!

jose's a HUGE tea fan, and i recently sent him this link.. i think you'd like it too:


perhaps i should link it too her as well! :)

Micaela said...

Melita, i can not thank-you enough!!!! I hope you don't mind i blogged about it? ha! i didn't even ask you :) but it moved me, it was so unexpected and i believe in thank-you notes. THANK-YOU!!!! i'm excited about our friendship and the wonderful way we "met." love & hugs to you!!!! xoxo

Belen- you need to send that to her! I LOVE it!!! how awesome. :)

Renee said...

Good Earth tea is my all time favorite! After moving to Texas last year from California, I was devistated to discover that I couldn't buy it here. When we went back to California in June, I bought 6 boxes and made my friends promise to keep me stocked in the future, should I run out! I love it, it tastes like home to me.
I hope you loved it. =)

Micaela said...

Renee, I really can't wait to try it out now :) don't you love things that remind you of "home?"

good friends to keep you stocked up :) my older sister lives in Italy and we send her cheetos all the time. LOL

i'm SO glad we've met through Rhianne's wonderful "photo swap."
keep in touch. xo

oh blogging world, i do so love you.

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