Monday, November 2, 2009

A Soft Place To Fall.

My twinkie watched Vicky Christina Barcelona for the first time this weekend. I remember when i watched it... I wasn't quite healed yet from a past heartbreak and a belief of Penelope Cruz's character stuck with me:

"Only unfulfilled love can be romantic."

some of my favorite movies surround itself on it. Bridges of Madison County. The rain scene in Castaway. And the dance scene from "The Horse Whisperer."

"A Soft Place To Fall" - Allison Moorer

"Things that used to matter seem so small
When you're looking for a soft place to fall...

Don't misunderstand me, baby, please
I didn't mean to bring back memories
You should know the reason why I called
I was looking for a soft place to fall...

Looking for a soft place
Nothing more than a small taste
Of a love that ended long ago...

You're the one who taught me after all
How to find a soft place to fall."

the heartbreak i was talking about... he once told me (when the future was "ours" and we believed we'd have a happily ever after) that he already knew the vows he would say to me on our wedding day. Just 9 words.

But if he never spoke them to me, he would never say them out loud.

i will never know what those 9 words would have formed.


Marisa said...

beautiful song... all the movie you listed are favorites of mine.

"Only unfulfilled love can be romantic."

i have spent most of my life believing this... and i guess i still do in many ways.

because those are the times when my heartached for another...

"nothing this easy can be romantic"...right?


Micaela said...

we have a thing for tragic love.

like those lyrics on your post. (we are of the same soul)


The Socialite said...

The rain scene in Castaway ALWAYS tugs at my heart strings. What a great quote. I totally believe it. My favorite romantic movies have always been tragic...I mean Romeo & Juliet?!

Belen said...

wow that last part of this post... it makes me really wonder, yknow?

makes me think of my sister and what her and JR's vows might have been if they'd continued with the wedding...

belen ♥

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