Wednesday, November 11, 2009

life through a lens.

one of the things i'm loving about hosting my first ever swap, is meeting new friends & being introduced to their charming corners of the internet. it's not quite sharing sunday yet on my Dolce Vita, BUT...

i've never been good at following rules, most of all mine.

i was smitten with Christie's photographs & words.

{i'm always amazed at those that can say so much with so few words. it's a powerful talent i have yet to perfect. Christie has.}

the above was for her veterans day post.

again, smitten.

you should hop over to myphoneography. it's brilliant. and because i have friends who are amazing photographers (my bestie Marisa & Rhianne), girls you can submit your phoneography and beautiful christie may just feature it.

i'm glad to meet you Christie & and all those participating in my ornament swap. xo


The Socialite said...

oh lovely! I love dicovering new blogs through you! You find the best of the best! ;)

Oh and I just linked your swap! Hopefully you get some new candidates! If you ever need help, I'm free for hire! ;)

Gracie said...

I'm so glad to have met you =) Ahh I see you are half filo have mexican? I'm a full filo but I'm Australian born.

Your blog is lovely and photography makes me very happy. So do positive words.

Postcrossing is amazing! And I see you're also a member of the Benevolent Postcard Society. I wanted to join but I was too late =(

Oh I'm a letter lover. Maybe one day we can do mail =) Your ornament swap sounds like such fun! I think I will have to join...if it's for overseas people that is...x

Micaela said...

Vanessa, always a darling girl to me. THANK-YOU SO MUCH for linking. I always know i can count on you.

Gracie, yes, half Mexican :) hence the Mexipina!!! I think it's so awesome you are Australian born. I was born in Madrid, but i wish i could say i remembered it.

i started school in Manilla actually!

I would love to one day swap letters with you! just let me know. and you can TOTALLY join in on my ornament swap & please do!!! I'd love to have you. It's overseas included, so join up love!!! xo

Sara said...

I love them! Thank you for sharing!x I took the liberty to read your comment (and Gracie's) and wow you have an interesting background!

Saltina said...

Thanks Micaela. I'm thrilled to be featured. It's my first feature :) xo

Marisa said...

what a great new find. i love the veterans day photo.

Rhianne said...

oohhhh, thanks for sharing, I love a good photography blog :)

I love that all the photos were taken with her phone too, I'm always taking photos on mine (though mines not an iphone, boo)

mina said...

thanks for introducing me to this blog - i love it.

missy. said...

beautiful photos.

Bri said...

Very cool blog!

Diana said...

such a great concept!

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