Monday, November 2, 2009

wanderlust. forgiven. still.

"I love words. I love reading. I have lists of words in my notebook. Some are there because I like the way they sound and some because I like their meaning or what they suggest. I also really like old-fashioned words."

-enhabiten on her etsy shop.

she stitches these words on hemp pillows she hand stains with tea.

i love this pillow.
i need this pillow.

this word means something to me.

if he hadn't forgiven me...

i can't even think of my life without him.

perhaps it will be the last thing i buy before i start saving for christmas....


missy. said...

i love it!! what a beautiful idea. i love that you post your finds so that we can enjoy them as well.

lindsey said...


Belen said...

i love that you're a simple girl, micaela. :) i love it because i (sometimes) am the same way. there's so much beauty in little things like that pillow. :)

and go ahead and buy that pillow! splurge with your urge before you have to save for xmas!!!

love ya,
belen ♥

Marisa said...

i just love the simple elegance of that pillow... and the meaning behind it

enhabiten said...

sweet post micaela! thanks so much for the support:) i hope you love this pillow. it's a pretty powerful word. xoxo

mina said...

so pretty! alas, no more home decor for me for a long while!

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