Thursday, November 19, 2009

LAST DAY to sign up for my 1st Ornament Exchange!

I'm so excited about the ornament exchange!!! it closes tomorrow (so if you happen upon this, SIGN UP!) I'm hoping to have everyone matched up by Monday.

if for some crazy reason you've already signed up and haven't heard from me- shoot me another email please!

and as a reminder for those who've signed up to participate... don't forget about the automatic giveaway you're put into! details here. I got the prizes in the mail last week and they WILL NOT disappoint. seriously, i wanted to keep them *wink

it's my little way of saying THANK-YOU for being a part of this, thank-you for wanting to spread Christmas Joy. you're lovely!


ps. A HUGE special THANK-YOU for all those who blogged about the exchange. it means so much to me! hearts for each of you.

*ornament via etsy.


missy. said...

girl of course we do the shout out for you. you are the booomb diggity.

can't wait to get this thing going! yay!!

Summer B. said...

hello my newfound friend!
i owe you an email. not ignoring you, just finding the time to catch up!

i want in! sign me up!


Micaela said...

yay Summer!!! :)

Sarah C said...

have i mentioned how excited i am for this? cause i am - i already have a million ideas of what i'll make!

Saltina said...

Can't wait to find out who my ornament buddy is, because I like to shop!!

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