Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday, but home sick.

i really got to know darling friend when i filled in as a producer for his morning show. We technically worked the same exact schedule for a little over a month. When he would get done with the noon show, our little adventures would begin.

we saw each other every single day.

the shortest time we spent together on one of those days was when he got sick. He couldn't find his thermometer, and i had offered to pick him up one since i wanted to surprise him with vegetable soup. I walked up to the cashier with soup, fancy bread, and a sponge bob thermometer.

cashier to me: "Aww, do you have a sick baby at home?"

my reply: "kind of..." with a huge smile.

Now i'm sick, and i wish Max was here.
i started feeling bad yesterday at work, but i thought it was just a reaction to the H1N1 shot i got the day before. Twinkie was also sick for a couple of days.

Being sick on Friday is no fun.
especially when your boyfriend isn't here.

although, he did "keep me company" with sexy fun texts this morning...

*lost in translation : my favorite movie.

happy friday darlings!!! i can't wait to see what you are all up to. {Vanessa, have a fun house-warming party! and CC, happy moving and cheers to your new abode as well! M, i'm going to try and read our book... i'll let you know how that goes!}

Tomorrow will be the first time I go to the Circus. (yes, at 25... my *first time*) I'm going with my family and I'm kind of excited. My Momma hardly likes to go to crowded events, so this is why I'm putting away my animal cruelty thoughts (hello, DUMBO!) and going. Secretly? I'm kind of excited. So sickness, be damned.

Enjoy your Fridays lovies!

xo a sick micaela


Belen said...

i hear my college campus will be offering free h1n1 vaccines (did i word that correctly? it sounds weird!). i'm thinking of getting it. i know i should but i'm also fearing that mild sickness that follows a flu show, yknow? i don't want it to fall up important times during school and would rather get the shot after fall classes are over in december. sigh, idk!

Diana said...

aw how funny- i found you through my etsy sale and bookmarked you to make sure i take the time to look through your lovely blog. then i read vanessa's and here you are! lol!

Michely Medeiros. said...

aww it's no fun being sick on the weekend :( tear. i hope you feel better soon and drink lots of water :)


missy. said...

I'm sorry you are sick lovely lady. Hope you are feeling better by now. ANNND that you had a blast at the circus!

Marisa said...

i would bring you soup.... if only i didn't live 2000 miles away1 hope you are feeling better.

went to the circus once... not really my thing. i always feel sorry for the animals having to perform on command.
but i hope you enjoyed the time with family.

The Socialite said...

THANK YOU for the sweeeeeet dedication! I hope you're feeling better now! :)))) I'd bring you some soup, blanket and wonderful chic flicks!

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