Tuesday, November 3, 2009

sometimes long distance relationships are unfair...

like last night when darling friend was in Atlanta visiting his friends and they were out watching the World Series. Max texted to say they had a "sex and the city cosmopolitan" and thought of me.

i was already in bed because of an early meeting...

that lasted all morning.
all morning while he was shopping at IKEA for our home.

he was so cute to email pictures of a persian looking rug, asking if i liked that one, or this one? little details... gestures like this from my technical husband are lovely to me. He thinks he's just asking about a rug, but to me they are lovely reminders that he's asking because it's for OUR house. Our. I like that little word.

i wished i had ruby slippers this morning so i could be with him.
shopping for our house.

since i had an early morning meeting, we got off work early. I changed into my gym clothes, headed to spin class only to find there was no 4:30 spin today. I marched over to the treadmill and ran for awhile (just enough to get my sweat on) and realized it's too beautiful a day to waste.

Walking Maverick around the neighborhood was a much better idea for me and her.

It reminded me of when me and my technical husband were a long ways from "our." We worked pretty opposite schedules for a couple of months and it was during this time that he "keyed me." He gave me a spare key to his apartment and asked if i could check on his dog Bubbles while he was at work.

He even wrote a post-it where i would see it that said, "code word: shampoo." I remember calling him puzzled, asking what in the world did that mean?

he laughed and said it was his test to really see if i had in fact came over. [honestly, he didn't doubt it (i don't think!), that is just the sense of humor my Max has.]

that funny post-it led to little notes i'd leave for him, after walking Bubbles.

i still do this....

Only now i get to do it in our house.


Belen said...

I love leaving notes.
For anyone! :)

Sarah C said...

so sweet! this inspires me to start leaving little notes for my sweetie again - it's such a tangible reminder of love!

missy. said...

sooo precious. before you know it, you and darling friend will be together soon enough. he loves you.

Anonymous said...

that is just so sweet :) and dont worry you love birds will be together before you know it.

The Socialite said...

lol! Awe I love it! Max is funny! I dig his sense of humor! :)

Is it EVERY couples tradition to go shopping at IKEA when they have a new place? Mike and I do this every weekend! haha I love it and every time we're shopping, I have to pinch myself. I can't believe we've finally started this life together, our life. I'm so excited for you and Max! Such an exciting journey.

Micaela said...

Sarah C, i do believe i am in love with your blog... just so you know. I want a wedding like yours!

Michely, oh i hope so :) esp. after what i commented to you. ha!
seriously, adorable little baby you have.

Vanessa, do you know i've NEVER been to an IKEA?! gasp! i know. Max couldn't believe it either when i replied to his text. He already said i need to save a lot of pennies because i am sure to go crazy in there. haha and YES! those are the moments i am talking about. Those little realizations. They're good realizations. The best realizations i've ever ever had.

Rhianne said...

I love leaving notes for Thomas around too - I used to leave them everywhere in his room when he was at Uni :)

Marisa said...

i LOVE Ikea... have spent many a penny at that store and many an hour wandering the aisles... its overwhelming.

i love leaving notes... when dh and i got back from our honeymoon in oct 2007. i wrote a note, with a lipstick kiss saying "good morning husband" and put it on his mirror in the bathroom... and he has left it there all this time..

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